Our Breakfast Menu is very popular! We open for Breakfast from 10:00am…

Breakfast Toastie   (GF option)

Bacon, fried egg, caramelised onion, aioli, toasted & garlic buttered Denmark sourdough.   14.5

Cheese Toastie   (Veg) (GF option)

Fresh tomato, mozzarella cheese, sea salt & cracked black pepper, garlic buttered sourdough.   9.5

Spicy Scrambled Eggs   (GF option)

Free-range eggs, tomato, fresh black pepper, chilli, garlic & onion, toasted & garlic buttered sourdough.   14.5

Eggs on Toast  (GF option)

Free-range eggs, fried or poached on garlic buttered sourdough.   12.5

Fried Rice   (Veg) (GF)

Traditional Sri Lankan fried rice tossed with vegetables & free-range egg, served with soy sauce & chilli paste accompaniments.   18.5

Cook-Up   (GF option)

Fried free-range eggs, bacon, fresh tomato, spicy beans, toasted & garlic buttered sourdough.   19.5

Raw Muesli

Shredded oats, dried fruit & nuts, Greek-style yoghurt, apple & berry compote, fresh milk.   12.5

Almond or soy milk add extra 1.

Toast and Preserves (GF option)

Toasted sourdough with butter & housemade marmalade, raspberry jam or Vegemite.   8.5


All extras – Bacon, tomato, beans, mushrooms, egg etc… add 3.

Children 10years and under:

(Gluten free bread available)

Fried egg on toast   9.5

Cheese toastie   9.5

Muesli    9.5

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